About DCPC


Destiny Diggs
Executive Director

Delia Larrauri, OB/GYN 
Medical Director

Lisa Mordecai-Daniel
Business Manager

Holly Speace
Church Rep Coordinator

Judith Leach
HR Partner

Board of Directors
Lillian Maxwell, President
Angela Anderson, Vice-President
Lorraine Lavender Sams, Secretary
Joseph Coletta
Beverly Harris
Margaret Reed 


Proud member of Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO).

Delaware County Pregnancy Center meets mothers and families

at their greatest point of need and assists them in working

through the issues and concerns by providing pregnancy options counseling,

Parenting Education, Ongoing support and friendship, Community Referrals,

and Emotional and spiritual support.


We believe that all men, women, and children, including pre-born babies,

are important and valuable human beings for whom we deeply care.

 We recognize that those experiencing “unplanned pregnancies”

especially women, are facing perhaps the greatest personal crisis of their lives,

and they do not have to face this alone.  Accordingly, we are committed to

serving all those facing such a pregnancy by providing them with a loving, caring

and supportive environment to assist them in their time of need.


We believe that every woman considering an abortion should receive complete

and accurate information. Our goal is to educate her on the physical, emotional,

spiritual and social factors in making her decision. We are committed to

providing such information to all who are interested.


We believe that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is essential

to effectively minister and offer support and these services to women and families.

It is an honor to be used by God to serve them in this manner.



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